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    Liuzhou Bai Ying labor protective supplies co., LTD., established in March 2003, it is located in liuzhou liujiang, emerging industrial park, it is a company specializing in the production of flame retardant suits, anti-static clothing, labor insurance overalls, uniforms, canvas gloves in all walks of life and absorbent gauze masks and other labor insurance supplies, and agent 3M, honeywell, v-gard, dupont, huaxin several well-known brands at home and abroad, such as a full range of personal protective products, is a set research and development, production, sales, trade as one of the entity enterprise.

    Founded more than ten for years, under the guidance of chairman yi-qing hong, solidarity, hard work......







   Bai Ying company is committed to provide workers with high quality and comfortable work overalls, build the first protection, health and safety in the design of labor protective clothing, safety and protection function is consider our company first, on this basis, we also consider the rationality of the clothing modelling and comfort, make clothing for the human body to force binding reduced to a minimum so as to improve the work efficiency.


  • Hengda bus
  • Bai Ying uniform
  • Bai Ying uniform
  • Bai Ying uniform

Head protection

    The head protective equipment to defend itself against the head from external objects, and other factors endangering and equipped with personal protective equipment. According to the requirements of protection function, at present there are mainly general helmets, dust cap, waterproof cap, protective cap, helmet, antistatic cap, preventing electromagnetic radiation heat hat, cap, insect proof cap and other nine categories products. In inductrial injury, traffic accident death, death due to head injury had the highest percentage of accounts for roughly 35.5% of the total number of death, which killed by falling impact by led, followed by the number of traffic accidents. Use a safety helmet to avoid or mitigate the damage.


  • Huaxin helmet
  • Huaxin helmet
  • Huaxin helmet
  • HS-06X V helmet

Eye protection

       Safety glasses is a kind of special role glasses, used the occasion of the different needs of glasses is different also. Protective glasses, also known as labor protection glasses, divided into two categories: safety glasses and protective mask, mainly protection your eyes and face from exposure to ultraviolet light, infrared and microwave electromagnetic wave radiation, such as dust, smoke, metal and sandstone detrital damage of sputtering and chemical solution; The most comfortable and the typical design is the combination of convince people the best reason to use safety glasses for a long time. Workers engaged in industrial production operation, some need to wear glasses, the glasses is not for decoration, fashion, but in order to protect the eyes from harmful factors damage.


  • Scratch resistant protective glasses 100200
  • Honeywell safety glasses (blue frame) 100100
  • Honeywell safety glasses 100002
  • Honeywell safety glasses 100110

Ear protection

    The structure of the human ear than we saw the complex appearance. Ear can perceive and deal with 20 hz - 20000 hz frequency, high-pitched sound frequency. However far beyond the scope of the human ear can endure more than that, the ratio of about six times as much (or 180 db), is now found in the voice of the most sensitive receivers. Ears hurt easily happened, and cannot be restorative. By the work environment noise caused by personal hearing loss, can make the employee to the employer for the compensation of huge. In attach great importance to the protection of hearing at the same time, also should avoid excessive protection.


  • 3M 311-1250 line noise reduction with bullet shaped earplugs
  • 3M 1110 line earplugs
  • 3M 1270 line earplugs
  • Honeywell FUS30 earplugs

Respiratory protection

    Long-term work in environment with dust or toxic gas, without using the appropriate protective products, it will harm the human respiratory system. Lung organ and tissue damage is usually very severe and cannot recover, dust is more subtle, the more easily into the bronchial ends, the greater the damage.


  • 3M 3200 half surface protective mask
  • 3M 3301CN organic vapor filter box
  • 3M 3303CN The filter box
  • 3M 3700 The filter cotton to undertake a

Hand protection

      Hand injury can be summarized as physical damage, chemical damage, mechanical damage and biological damage. The most common type of work is cut and stabbed. Cut only mild hurt skin, severe can damage and other organizations, and even lead to partial or complete a limb; Stabbed by foreign body may exist in the wound is more serious; Open hand injury healing of smudgy degree is closely related with injured hand, protection measures, is in the design, manufacturing equipment and tools, should fully consider from the Angle of safety protection, equipped with a complete protective measures; Protective gear can be roughly divided into protective gloves, gloves, hand pad, cuff, elbow pads and so on.


  • 650g yarn gloves
  • Daily rubber gloves - 1
  • Daily rubber gloves
  • All the leather gloves

Foot protection

      Workers in the use of tools, machine operation and handling material such as job, foot often is in the lowest parts of the job position, the foot protection by oversight means that the feet at any time will be heavy, hard, angularity object parts, poke wounded or crowded, even stabbed by the sharp object; If, on the other hand, the foot missed, the body will lose balance, may cause an accident. Ignore the foot protection, means that workers need to face: the risk on the heavy parts, pierced by a sharp object risk, the risk of being hurt, the risk on the oil slipped, the risk on the chemical corrosion, etc.; Specially selected according to the operation conditions for the workers and the right protective shoe or boot covers, greatly reduce the harm of laborer and losses of the enterprise.


  • Huaxin protective shoes TBC1
  • Huaxin 715P The hit
  • Huaxin 715P
  • Huaxin 718G

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